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I don't quite have the time I need to finish my blog-writing just now, and I'm way behind current on my photos, so I'm going to fill out the rest of this week with photo entries. I hope you like. I liked taking them and curating them and all that. Now let's go back to last August (see, I told you I was running behind) and the Calhoun County Fair!


Cattle barn at the Calhoun County Fair. [profile] bunny_hugger's father was interested in petting all the cattle, especially if there were a sign asking people not to touch them.


``Can I help you?'' Horse more interested in my camera than I was of him, really, but I'm really happy with how the picture turned out.


Sheep wearing their slickest, most skintight pajamas in the middle of the day. I've rarely so wanted to just roll around on a pile of sheep so much as their shorn skin inspired me to ponder.


Show rabbit beating the heat by sublimating into a cloud of her own design. After the previous year when none of the small mammals were on exhibit (there was some health concern, I believe) rabbits and guinea pigs were back in full count.


It's just one checkered giant rabbit, but somehow it looks like a checkered giant holding another checkered rabbit against its chest.

Trivia: The 1963-64 report on Project Orion prepared by General Atomics devoted two pages of its 725-page, four-volume report to the problem of fallout. Crew compartment noise received nine pages of comment. Source: Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship, George Dyson. (To be fair there wasn't much to say. Just a big embarrassed coughing.)

Currently Reading: Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine, Sarah Lohman.

PS: Why Stuff Can Orbit, Part 11: In Search Of Closure, laying out my plans for the next essay at least.

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