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Feb. 25th, 2017

It's not true to say after the finals were done we went to the side tournament. There was a side tournament, but because the best players on great tables can go on for a long, long while not quite the whole of the top eight were decided by the time the side tournament started. This --- for which [ profile] bunny_hugger picked up her usual commission as trophy-maker --- was a two-hour tournament dubbed ``pinball pinball pinball''. I'd called it ``Rocket Robin'' when we ran one this format last year. We all got randomly picked partners and machines, there to play. When done, we go back to the central table where a designated person is waiting. The loser plays the waiter. The winner gets to sit as the waiter until some other round comes up.

I lose my first round. Also my second. Also my third, which is getting disheartening. I lose six games before I manage to squeak out a single win, on Centaur of course. I like to think it's the start of a rally, but it's not. Over the course of two hours I play 16 games of pinball and I lose 13 of them. In my second tournament of the year --- the championship is the first, after all --- I don't finish at the bottom of the standings. But I do finish at the bottom of all the ranked players, those who've had three or more International Flipper Pinball Association-certified events.

[ profile] bunny_hugger has a much better side tournament. She starts off with six or seven wins in a row, before meeting one of her kryptonites. She gets the son of that father-son pair and somehow she can't play her best against him. And, somehow, she kept getting put up against him. Him and this guy from Blind Squirrel League whom she somehow couldn't get a handle on. And when she didn't get the son, she got the other guy. Take them out and she dominates the competition. Even with them she puts up a 12-5 score. She misses the finals, and the chance to take home one of her own trophies. She misses the finals by one game, making her the angrier about getting the same people so many times.

And so we start the quest for the 2017 State Championship Series. I'm currently in 36th place. [ profile] bunny_hugger's in 25th. But the year is very young, and while the side tournament has posted for some reason the State Championship hasn't yet. And we have Blind Squirrel League plans.

Trivia: Grosch's Law, named for Herb Grosch and current through the early 70s, argued that a computer system twice as big (or twice as expensive) got you four times the computing power. Source: A History of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: In Small Things Forgotten: The Archaeology of Early American Life, James Deetz.

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