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Mar. 18th, 2017

Finally to 2017! We planned a just-past-New-Year's visit with my parents. We hadn't been able to find a time in January 2016 that made sense and wasn't terrifically expensive to visit them, and with our pet rabbit's infirmities we didn't have the chance to visit them in summer. It wasn't quite as long between visits as [ profile] bunny_hugger feared --- it had been since August 2015 --- but still, that was longer than I'd really wanted either. So we set for a short visit in the couple days between New Year's and the start of classes, which were earlier than usual too. All right, an under-a-week-long visit it must be, then.

The most bizarre thing about driving to the airport was that we didn't need to visit [ profile] bunny_hugger's parents first. No pet to drop off and see safely set up. We could just hold the mail, turn the thermostat down (not too much, lest the fish in the basement get too cold), and be on our way. We had the usual follies at the airport where the Transportation Security Theater people decided once more there was a problem with [ profile] bunny_hugger's clothes. I think this is the one they blamed on her having jeans with cuffs that roll up. If we take them seriously then the scanners were designed without rolled-up jeans in mind. I'm not sure, though; she gets some impossibly petty, stupid complaint whenever she goes through airport security.

We had an evening flight, the better to keep us from having to get up in the morning. Also from paying too much for our visit. The downside was that we got in to Charleston pretty late, too late to do anything on the day. My father met us himself; even if it weren't past my mother's usual bedtime, she had been stricken with a cold and was not up to doing high-intensity stuff like walking outside their (new since our last visit) apartment.

That was fine and we got set up in the guest bedroom well enough. My father was able to show us the jar of M and Ms and where the soda was and how to turn on their 462-inch television set and all that. What he wasn't able to do is tell us what the Wi-Fi password was; horror of horrors, they weren't using the same one they'd used last time or the last ten years they were in New Jersey. I took my best guesses and even tried to decipher it from my mother's iPad, to no avail. So that's why we went to bed early.

Trivia: The ``Exchequer Yard'', the physical instrument used by England and then the United Kingdom as the standard for the yard's length (and from it feet and inches), was destroyed in the 1834 fire at the houses of Parliament. Source: The Measure of All Things: The Seven-Year Odyssey That Transformed the World, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: Waging War: The Clash Between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS, David J Barron.


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