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Apr. 2nd, 2012

Sunday was going to be a short day. My mother booked a flight leaving Detroit at only 5:30 pm, and [ profile] bunny_hugger and I despite intending to get to bed sooner and wake up earlier were not really capable of doing either. But my mother wanted to go to church, too, so we could sleep in later.

It was a truncated day, unfortunately, but had its appealing features still.  )

And, then, that took enough time we had to leave behind a beautiful Michigan day --- about five weeks farther into spring than the calendar indicated --- to drive to the airport. It was that same sad scene of separation, at the security gate, although ... we're not going to have many more of those. It's conceivable this was the last time either of us will visit the other, instead of living with each other. It's certainly one of the last. That gave the parting a strange sense: a sorrowful event that I wanted also to savor, since before long I will not have this experience again.

Trivia: The New York Yankees held spring training in Asbury Park in 1944. Source: The Jersey Game, James M DiClerico, Barry J Pavelec. (I'm surprised 4th of July, Atlantic City didn't mention that in passing, actually, even if it is far outside the early-July season.)

Currently Reading: The Jersey Midlands, Henry Charlton Beck. I'm delighted to learn one possible explanation for the names of Hopewell and Amwell townships. I'm also delighted to learn there were at least three possible Jameses whom Jamesburg was supposedly named for. (Research on the subject may have evolved since the late 30s when the book was originally written or the 60s when it was reprinted.)

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