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Jul. 21st, 2012

Have Rocket, Will Travel: the name practically screams, 1950s discount science fiction. It's not. Well, maybe it is. It's a Three Stooges movie, part of the attempts to take a comedy team that's great at two reels and spread them out to eight or nine or so. It's got a catchy opening song, at least (``The race for space has just begun/ the race to reach the Moon and Sun/ And we've got half the battle won/ Have rocket --- ohhh --- will gravel!'') by Geogre Duning and Stanley Styne that I'll have to use for some later space-based posts. But it's also a Curly Joe picture.

Well, sure, there's spoilers, if the term can be applied to Curly Joe-era Stooges. Please note that this isn't either of the Stooges cartoon serieses, but there is an uncanny connection to the one that in the days before Wikipedia and YouTube you strived mightily to convince your friends you didn't hallucinate while feverish. Please note that I am not making up any of this movie, and I can barely be hyperbolic about it.  )

It's one more odd scene in eighty minutes of odd scenes.

Trivia: The Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage was jettisoned from the Command and Service Module, after redocking, at an altitude of 61.6 nautical miles above the lunar surface. Source: Apollo By The Numbers: A Statistical Reference, Richard W Orloff. NASA SP-4029.

Currently Reading: The Secret Life Of Bletchley Park, Sinclair McKay.


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