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Aug. 14th, 2012

Earlier this year [ profile] bunny_hugger got into the Buggles. A lot. She'd heard, of course, and liked ``Video Killed The Radio Star'', but until recently hadn't thought much about the rest of their modest catalogue. So she went out to listen to it, instead, to seek out the songs that didn't chart in the United States, or even in the United Kingdom. And against the rule for of one- (or three-) hit wonder bands, she liked the other songs. A lot. Before long she was a Buggles fanboy, following the adventures of Fake Trevor Horn on Twitter, finding glasses akin to those Trevor Horn wore, and seeking out the obscurest items of Buggles arcana.

How did this simple fact guide the shape of our Sunday, leading us into an adventure somewhere on the western side of London, reveal to us a surprising link between Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, and Jimmie Walker, and get us to buy pastries? The answer may surprise you.  )

Monday would break our streak of perfect accomplishments.

Trivia: The Eastman Kodak camera of 1888 came loaded with film for 100 pictures. Source: Advertising and the Transformation of American Society, 1865 - 1920, James D Norris.

Currently Reading: Crystal Dragon, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller.


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