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Sep. 16th, 2012

One of the little adjustments in moving in to [ profile] bunny_hugger's home came to TV habits. I watch more than she does, and use it as background noise more than she does. (She listens to more music, and uses it as background noise.) There was no reason to care about this when I was just visiting, but living full-time ... well, there's things I quite like and would rather not do without if I could avoid. She'd had the basic satellite TV package and not wanted more, as it covered her must-see shows.

But there are things I like watching which she didn't have; the new Doctor Who, for example, as much as it keeps screwing up, or Turner Classic Movies. So now that we're settled in we spent a couple hours looking over the various service packages and figuring out what covered the stuff I really want to see. Happily there was a service level that got the most important channels (missing Boomerang, but then, I haven't been missing it since moving out here) at just ten dollars more a month, which with our joint incomes, we can maybe swing.

That said, my introducing her to the wonders of TCM particularly have been kind of mixed in value. I believe the first Classic we watched was Countdown, a 1968 story about an emergency lunar landing by Gemini capsule, and it's technically speaking a Robert Altman movie since he directed, but it has maybe fourteen seconds where it feels like an Altman movie and the rest is a lot of grey people talking in grey offices. She'd never seen it before (I hadn't seen the whole thing myself), and now understood why nobody remembers it even existed.

Thunderbirds Are Go!, another of the early things we've watched together, was a more successful program particularly given the wonderful musical interlude and, for me, a surprising sequence at the end with sets blowing up. But I confess so far we haven't hit the real classic parts of the channel.

Trivia: Walter Scott earned his baronetcy for his recovery of the Scottish monarchy's regalia. The Sword, Sceptre, and Crown had been stored away in Edinburgh Castle after 1707 and lost; they were found in a dilapidated old chest. Source: How The Scots Invented The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: Mark Twain On The Damned Human Race, Editor Janet Smith. ... Wait, Winston Churchill and Mark Twain met? That feels like something somebody writing Churchill fanfic would work up. (It was during the tour Churchill made of the United States celebrating his performance of a Boer War hero.)

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