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Nov. 21st, 2012

Sunday opened with the e-mail invite from Delta Airlines to check in for Monday morning's flight. The posted time was still the horrible 7:30 am, with no word of delays, either in the mail, or on the Delta or on the airport web sites. Maybe my reasoning about the flight would pan out. We'd have to print out our boarding passes at the airport, which was fine, given the mess printing out at home had proved on the way out.

Why was BunnyHugger in costume? What did she win? How did we dispose of her winnings? What went and Ralph Bakshi'd all over the place? The answers may surprise you! )

We couldn't wait for the second movie to end; with some regrets and a last wandering around the hotel, we went back to our hotel room and got ready for bed. The last word we got, checking, was that there wasn't any delay or cancellation of our flight, despite the oncoming Hurricane Sandy, whose extremest outskirts of brisk winds and cold rain we are already in.

Trivia: The leek was for centuries a national badge for Wales; it wsa replaced as recently as 1907 by the dandelion, apparently following a misunderstanding of the Welsh word for ``bulb''. Source: The Invention Of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Star (Psi Cassiopeia), C I Defontenay; Translated by P J Sokolowski. Ah, protection from one's fanboys: Pierre Versin's introduction to this 1854 book pouts about the way American science fiction thinks American science fiction is the most important kind, and tries to play up this book was the original space opera. Except there's nothing space operatic about it; it's firmly in the exotic travelogue/nonfact anthropological form. I appreciate that Versin, who rescued the book from its obscure original publication to become an obscure DAW Yellow Spine quirky-selection book (and I love those DAW Yellow Spine quirky-selection books) wants people to appreciate the stuff he loves more, but he didn't have the needed perspective on a book that's pretty neat but not a neglected keystone of the genre.


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