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Nov. 16th, 2012

The question was first asked many years ago, the Narrator said, not in jest but in training, when the Student wondered why they had to hit F5 after entering the client data, when it wouldn't be verified until shift-return was pressed. The Trainer rubbed the back of her neck, as anyone else's would seem odd, and admitted, ``I don't know.'' The Student's face scrunched up, and the Trainer felt herself withering under this lemon-like expression. ``I'll check, though.''

The question was next asked during the coffee break, when the Trainer could get no better answer than ``You have to wait after pressing F5 for the command bar to turn green.'' No one was sure the penalties for noncompliance but they remembered learning about it in Trainer Training, and everyone liked the bar turning green like that, which would be a shame to lose.

I try for the comical story again.  )

Trivia: In the early days of the typewriter the magazine Cosmopolitan Shorthander advised that the best typing was to be obtained using only the first two fingers on each hand, with higher speeds not attained by using three, four, or all five fingers. Source: Wondrous Contrivances: Technology At The Threshold, Merritt Ierley.

Currently Reading: The Long Road Home: The Aftermath Of The Second World War, Ben Shephard.


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